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METADOR - A publishing platform for fact-checkers

Metador is a powerful publishing system for fact checkers. It provides everything you need to set up and run a fact-checking service, including a modern responsive website and web-snapshot service to save evidence.

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Core Features
Made for Fact-Checkers
A fact-checking dashboard 
Metador gives you a super-modern and feature-rich editing environment, so you can fact-check websites and articles with ease.
Real time Collaboration  
Our special ‘presence’ feature means you can now view and work alongside your teammates, right inside of the Metador Studio. See the friendly faces you’ve been missing, all in sync, all on the same page.
The Project
Who we are

Our team has supported fact checking organisations for more than five years. Metador brings together our skills, experience and vision for building better, easier and more organised fact-checking initiatives.

Status of the product

The first version of Metador was released in January 2021 and new features and improvements will be released throughout the year.

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Facts Matter
A better way to beat disinformation, fake news and online propaganda
01 Problem
02 Solution

Publishing content is easy. Fact checking is hard.

Whilst the world is awash with platforms and services that make it easy to publish information or disinformation, there are few organised tools to help fact-checkers collect, organise and publish their work.

The tools that do exist often perform a specific technical function and rarely work together, meaning fact-checkers must find, learn and use a large number of different services.

Citizens rarely visit fact-checking websites, so we need a better way to distribute verified and accurate information.

It is often said that a lie will travel half-way around the world, whilst the trust is still putting its boots on. Well, Metador aims to fix this by providing the support the truth needs to catch up!

Additional Features
Publishing made easy
With Metador you can add, edit and display your content in multiple languages - helping you reach more people.
Custom workflow and editorial oversight 
The Metador workflow has been designed specifically around the process of collecting and reviewing claims made online. This means users have exactly the right user permissions for the tasks they need to complete, and nothing gets published until it has been approved.